The Importance Of A Clean Chimney

If you’re planning to call out a chimney sweep, then your main concern is probably safety.

According to recent statistics, chimney fires account for up to 7,000 fires in the UK every year — and many of those incidents might have been prevented with a quick visit from a chimney sweep.

In addition, a clean chimney allows the gases and particles from a fire to escape your home quickly, ensuring a better indoor environment.

But safety isn’t the only benefit of getting your chimney cleaned regularly. It’s also important to remember that a clean chimney allows a fire to burn more efficiently, saving you money on fuel and helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

In addition, good chimney maintenance, including regular sweeping, is often a stipulation of stove warranties, and it may also be required by your home insurance — check with your provider for more information.

RJL Chimneys is your local NVQ qualified chimney sweep. This gives you peace of mind that we have completed the right qualifications to do the right job every time.

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