Moving in to a new home? Reasons to have your chimney swept.

We have been busy as late with calls from new customers who have just moved in to a new home, and want to have their chimney swept or log burner serviced to offer a peace of mind and confirmation that 'everything is working properly'.

With this in mind we though we may pre-empt any questions you may have about an existing open fire or log burner that is in the property.

Should I get my chimney swept?

We would 100% recommend that you do before you 'try it out'.

In the past 2 weeks alone we have visited 2 properties that our customer had just moved in to and both had rather large birds nests that needed to be cleared before the appliance was safe to use.

The last thing you want in your new home is lots of smoke coming back in to the property or worse still a chimney fire.

Will there be any mess?

We have a number of best practice methods to prevent the dust/soot escaping in to the room.

A rare exception could be when a chimney is blocked with a birds nest or if the appliance installation is not up to standards/regulations.

What fuel should I be using on my open fire, log burner or multi fuel stove?

There are recommended fuels for different appliances depending on the manufacturers recommendations.

We will be able to offer you information from choosing the right fuels, using known quality suppliers, lighting techniques and general day to day maintenance.

I plan to close off my chimney, should I still get it swept?

Closed off chimneys can get still get a bit damp. The impact of which can mean that any soot left in the chimney can turn in to an acidic slurry. In old chimneys this can soak in to the brickwork and cause severe problems.

Will I get a certificate?

All of our chimney sweeps are certificated to show what was removed and also to record any recommendations made.

The certificates are digitally sent via email (reducing our carbon footprint) and we will also have these on hand if you ever misplace your copy.

How do I book a chimney sweep appointment?

This is the easy bit. You can send us an email at or message on Facebook, or why not give us a call on 07599801405.

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