What can I expect from my chimney sweep

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Gone are the days of Mary Poppins and Bert The Chimney Sweep. Historically, the annual chimney sweep coincided with the need to wash curtains, furniture & carpets. Thankfully times have changed and the process is far cleaner and less intrusive.

So what can you expect?

We would recommend that you choose the right Chimney Sweep to carry out work for you. There are a number of associations that will provide first class training to their members. GoMCS (Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps), Sweepsafe, NACS (National Association of Chimney Sweeps), to name but a few. Some sweeps also have Hetas registration. Using a sweep who belongs to an association will give you a level of confidence that the works that will be undertaken will be to a good standard.

After making your appointment with your preferred Chimney Sweep, you should expect to receive a call, text and or email in advance. Some Chimney Sweeps on the day will even text you to confirm that they are on their way with an expected time of arrival.

When the sweep arrives, they will prepare the area, usually by laying sheets to protect the area in front of the appliance. A temporary seal will befitted to prevent unwanted soot or debris entering the room. A HEPA vacuum cleaner will be fed in to the sweeping area to suck up any soot and debris. The chimney will then be swept using either traditional sweeping equipment or a rotary powered system.

Once the sweep has been completed the temporary seal is removed to inspect the debris.

This will enable the sweep to identify whether there are any potential issues.

The debris and soot will then be cleared up and bagged. This may be left with the client or cleared from site with the sweep. Some sweeps may charge an additional fee to take the soot away.

Assuming there have been no further issues the Chimney Sweep will issue a certificate, detailing that the chimney has been swept and whether any issues have been found.

The chimney will only be able to be swept if the appliance is cold, so please remember not to light your fire before the Chimney Sweep arrives.

If you would like to book a professional Chimney Sweep, please do not hesitate to get in touch with RJL Chimneys

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